Teaching Calendar

The Academic Year begins in October, ends in September and it is divided into two terms: 1st term (Fall) from October to February, 2nd term (Spring) from March to July.

During the Fall term, lectures are held from October to January, and exams (on two dates) are held in January and February.

During the Spring term, lectures are held from March to June  and exams (two dates) in June-July.

After the summer break, exams (two dates) are also offered in September.

There are two further exam dates, one in April and one in November, which are reserved to students who are late with their studies (specific requirements apply).

In general, students are free to choose any exam date for each course they have taken during the year. Check the exact dates for the current Academic Year. Calender for all year is updated and published at the begin of the Academic year (October)

A.Y. 2024/25


  • 1st semester (Fall): from October 1st, 2024 to Janury 18th, 2025.
    • Winter break: from December 23rd, 2024 to January 7th, 2025.
  • 2nd semester (Spring): from March 3rd, 2025 to June 14th, 2025.
    • ​Spring break: from April 14th , 2025 to April 21st, 2025.


Exams are held into three main periods (named "sessioni" in Italian):
  • 1st session: 2 exam dates from January 20th, 2025 to March 1st, 2025;
  • 2nd session: 2 exam dates from June 16th, 2025 to July 31st, 2025;
  • 3rd session: 2 exam dates from August 28th, 2025 to September 29th, 2025.

Reserved exam dates for:

(1) students in debt (exclusively for the exams of the previous years);

(2) students out of course for the AY 2024-25;

(3) undergraduates students (scheduled for degree exam in the next session);

  • from December 2nd, 2024 to December 7th, 2024.
  • from April 14th , 2025 to April 21st, 2025.
Students enrolled in the last year of the course can also participate in the April 2025 exam sessions: