Workshop on Models and Learning in Clustering and Classification

From August 28 to August 30 Catania University is hosting an international workshop on Models and Learning in Clustering and Classification.
The topic may be of interest for Data science students that are encouraged to partecipate.
If you have interest in the initiative please contact prof.Ingrassia or prof. Martino.
Link to the event web page is here:

Opportunità di lavoro per Laureati in Data Science

La Banca d'Italia ha emesso un bando con scadenza 14 giugno 2024 per 10 Laureati con competenze in Data science.
Sia la Laurea in Data Science for management che quella in Data Science consento di fare domanda.
In bocca al lupo ai nostri "allievi" che si vorranno candidare.
(si ringrazia il prof.Punzo per la segnalazione)

Link to a Latex Template for the Thesis

Thanks to the volunteered work of Giovanni Spadaro is now available to the following link a Latex Template for the Final Thesis Document and for the LSides to present at the final exam. .You are free to dowload it and use it.
Please notice that this template is NOT OFFICIAL OR MANDATORY, you may use any other template you wish.
Thanks again to Giovanni!
Here are the links: -

Prof. Giovanni Gallo