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Exam reservation through SMART-EDU is strictly mandatory!

Dear students and colleagues,

this is to remind you all that reservation for exams is STRICTLY MANDATORY and that exams in absence of a reservation MADE BY THE STUDENT cannot be registered.
Please take note and abide this rule. Thanks

Procedura di Ammissione a Data Science per l'AA 2024-25 (12/07/24-02/09/24)

Si informa che il bando per l'ammissione a Data Science per il prossimo Anno Accademico può essere consultato qui: https://www.unict.it/it/corsi-numero-non-programmato/2024-2025/procedura-di-ammissione-al-1%C2%B0-anno-corsi-di-laurea-magistrale.
L'allegato cui fare riferimento per Data Science è il n.46.

Il periodo in cui si può fare domanda è tra il 12 luglio e il 2 settembre prossimi.

Astrophysics looking for good students on an interesting project (stage, thesis, ect)
Researchers at INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica) are looking for (master or doctoral) students willing to join a research project on microclimate change.
The proposing student must be skilled in scientific data analysis with Python and, more specifically, on time series data analysis.
Knowledge or an in-progress study of libraries for Artificial Neural Networks or, even better, for Recurrent Neural Networks is a preferential title.
If you are interested please contact: sergio.messina@inaf.it sending a short cv and asking for an interview.
Please do it before July 19!
Choice of Study Plan for the second year of Course

ALL the students enrolled for the first year in 2023-24 MUST choose the Study plan for the next year before July 31st 2024.
Instructions how to do so have been forwarded to each one of them by email.
A copy of the instructions can be dowloaded from the link below.

If you are in need of any advice feel free to contact prof. Gallo (giovanni.gallo@unict.it) or the Segretery (dmi.lmdata@unict.it)

Workshop on Models and Learning in Clustering and Classification

From August 28 to August 30 Catania University is hosting an international workshop on Models and Learning in Clustering and Classification.
The topic may be of interest for Data science students that are encouraged to partecipate.
If you have interest in the initiative please contact prof.Ingrassia or prof. Martino.
Link to the event web page is here: http://mbc2.unict.it/

Teacher Announcements

Link to a Latex Template for the Thesis

Thanks to the volunteered work of Giovanni Spadaro is now available to the following link a Latex Template for the Final Thesis Document and for the LSides to present at the final exam. .You are free to dowload it and use it.
Please notice that this template is NOT OFFICIAL OR MANDATORY, you may use any other template you wish.
Thanks again to Giovanni!
Here are the links: -
Thesis: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/thesis-data-science-lm-data-unict/nfryrvncgpgf
Slides: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/presentation-data-science-lm-data-unict/gfqjwvrwsghp

Prof. Giovanni Gallo